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    Beginner Blocks Sets (6 sets)

      These medium sets of wooden blocks will work for kids from age 4-5 up.  The Beginner Set A is our most popular set in terms of numbers.

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    (BEGA) Beginner Set of Unit Blocks ages 4-5

    $222.74 $247.90
    Our Most Popular Set

    (BEGB) Beginner Set of Unit Blocks ages 4-5

    $195.60 $215.74
    The "B" sets of blocks have fewer small pieces and more big pieces.

    (BEGD) Derived Set of Unit Blocks Bank Street

    $237.17 $257.64
    A set modeled on the Bank St. School Sets

    (BEGW) Walker Book Set of Wooden Blocks

    $196.74 $217.09
    Designed for the Walker Block Book

    (BEGE) Derived Set of Unit Blocks Newburger

    $260.54 $293.51
    A big, chunky blocks set derived from Newburger & Vaughn.

    (BEGP) Beginner P17

    $259.35 $292.07
    This set is similar to sets found elsewhere online.

    (BEGC) Big Beginner's Set of wooden blocks

    $406.39 $475.72
    Our biggest Beginner Set

    Beginner Blocks Sets (6 sets)