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    Beginner Sets (6 sets)

    Beginner Sets

         These Sets are designed for yougsters from age 4 up who are starting to use building blocks.  Typically, they discover these big school size blocks at quality day care centers or preschools.  People who have grown up with blocks often describe them as "The best toy we ever had!"  Kindergarten teachers often cite these as the best single all around toy. 

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    (BEGA) Beginner Set of Unit Blocks ages 4-5

    $268.51 $295.37
    Our Most Popular Set

    (BEGB) Beginner Set of Unit Blocks ages 4-5

    $233.46 $256.81
    The "B" sets of blocks have fewer small pieces and more big pieces.

    (BEGD) Derived Set of Unit Blocks Bank Street

    $270.74 $297.82
    A set modeled on the Bank St. School Sets

    (BEGW) Walker Book Set of Wooden Blocks

    $246.50 $276.08
    Designed for the Walker Block Book

    (BEGE) Derived Set of Unit Blocks Newburger

    $311.49 $348.87
    A big, chunky blocks set derived from Newburger & Vaughn.

    (BEGP) Beginner P17

    $407.78 $456.72
    This set is similar to sets found elsewhere online.

    (BEGC) Big Beginner's Set of wooden blocks

    $567.34 $652.45
    Our biggest Beginner Set