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    Using Purchase Orders

    Using Purchase Orders

      We cheerfully accept PO's from public and private schools, government institutions, and well-established companies. 

    1. If you require a formal quote prior to ordering, follow the instructions for obtaining a quote as given at the bottom of this page.  Simply buy what you wish as if using a PO, and type "Quote Only" where the PO number is requested.

    2. If you only require the costs, just order what you want and use the "Estimate Shipping" near the end of the process to obtain the shipping cost.  Then abandon the site.

    3. To buy:

    a. Buy online substituting a PO number for a CC number, or

    b. Send us a PO by email ( blocksinfo at, or

    c.  Send us a fax (877-249-3624).

    4. If you want an acknowledgement or Tracking Info, be sure to supply an email address.

    5. If paying by Purchase Order, No payment is involved, just follow the shopping cart to the Purchase Order track and enter the PO number where called for.

    6. There is no sales tax. 

    7. Pretty please - Our material is derived from a spot market and prices change frequently.  Avoid the temptation to use last year's PO before checking prices for the cubes and shipping.  It becomes a headach all around returning POs for correction as we can't simply change the PO without approval.


       Shipping is typically 3 days.  Go to our "Domestic Shipping" link for a more exact estimate.