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    Using Purchase Orders

    Using Purchase Orders

      We cheerfully accept PO's from schools, institutions, and established companies.  Paying for Blocks and cubes by Purchase Order is straightforward.  You will need to  have a Purchase Order number and you must do it online:

    1. If you require a formal quote, follow the instructions for obtaining a quote (below).

    2. If you only require the costs, just order what you want and use the "Estimate Shipping" near the end of the process to obtain the shipping cost.  Then abandon the site.

    3. To buy, simply buy your cubes and balls the way you would buy anything else on the Internet.  Find the item, enter the quantity you want in the shopping cart, go to check out, enter your billing address and shipping address.

    4. If paying by Purchase Order, No payment is involved, just enter the PO number where called for instead of a CC number.

    5. There is no sales tax. 

    6. We no longer accept POs unaccompanied by an online order. You must order online.


       Shipping is typically 3 days.  Go to our "Domestic Shipping" link for a more exact estimate.