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    Thin (11/16) Maple Hardwood Squares


    Thin (11/16) Maple Hardwood Squares

    Thin Hard Maple squares are listed in specific sizes, but we will make any size or shape that suits you needs, including diamonds, though for custom shapes you will need to send us an inquiry to get a price. Click here:
            When you buy from us, there's no waste, no trip to the store, and your pieces will be delivered right to your door. Hard Maple is a smooth, tight grained hardwood and can be sanded, readily stained or painted to give a lifetime of service.  It is used for bowling alleys, basketball courts, and the backs of Cellos.  You'll like it for any purpose calling for beauty and durability.

    Thin Hardwood Squares

    11/16 thick
    End / FrontOrder 1 to 9Order 10 to 49Order 50 or
    2' Craft Cubes Craft Cubes $.91 $.79 $.76
    2-1/2" Craft Cubes Craft Cubes $1.14 $.99 $.95
    3" Craft Cubes Craft Cubes $1.37 $1.19 $1.14
    3-1/2" Craft Cubes Craft Cubes $1.59 $1.38 $1.32
    4" Craft Cubes Craft Cubes $1.82 $1.58 $1.51
    4-1/2" Craft Cubes Craft Cubes $2.05 $1.78 $1.70
    5" Craft Cubes Craft Cubes $2.27 $1.97 $1.88
    5-1/2" Craft Cubes Craft Cubes $2.50 $2.17 $2.07
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    11/16 thick by 2" by 2" Maple Square

    From $1.00

    11/16 thick by 3" by 3" Maple Square

    From $1.24

    Custom Squares

    Email us for prices on squares and rectangles of custom size, thickness, material, or special cuts. Try to tell us the details below.

    11/16 thick by 4" by 4" Maple Square

    From $1.71

    11/16 thick by 5" by 5" Maple Square

    From $2.10