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    Intermediate Set A16

    $831.48 $985.04
    A nice set of blocks for a family with two or more kids building at the same time. For many years our Base Set was the "Basic Set" and intended as the best set of a youngster who wanted to build things. This is an enlarged version more suitable for two or more kids.

    BASE Set A16

    $442.77 $498.11
    The "Basic" Set. From time past, the main set we sold for the 6 - 8 year old builder moving beyond the beginner stage and starting to make actual buildings or to lay out towns and streets.

    BASE Set B16

    $403.14 $450.87
    This is a chunkier version of the Base A16. It is the same size (weight/volume) but has more of the large pieces and fewer of the small ones.

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