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    Shipping Outside the US

       The shopping cart charges for shipping outside the USA are an estimate.  We will recalculate these amounts to provide the cheapest possible manner of supplying your wants.  Our shipping costs refer to shipping amounts only.  We do not collect brokerage, Duty, or VAT and you should expect to pay these when your parcels are delivered.  Shipping times are somewhat indefinite but typically hover around 10 days.  Merchandise selected for custom's inspection may take longer. 

        Our return policy is the same - you may return blocks and other items for 30 days with no questions asked.  However, we will not refund shipping costs either from us to you or from you to us unless we have made some mistake and sent the wrong items or defective merchandise.  In the case of defective items, we reserve the right to refund the cost of the item rather than shipping a new one. 

        Feel free to contact us regarding a quote by specifying your address and specific products using the email link at the bottom of the page.  We will be happy to make exact estimates of the total costs. 

       If you care to do your own calculations, maple weighs about .42 oz./ and packaging tends to add about 1.5 lbs per parcel.