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    Obtaining a Quote

    Obtaining a Quote

        If you know what you want to buy (e.g. Project Lead the Way), obtaining a quote is simple.  Just use the shopping cart to spoof an order, follow the path to pay with a Purchase Order, and if you want a quote, type “Quote Only” where it asks for a PO number. Be sure to "confirm" at the end.  Quotes are good for 10 days. After you have confimed, click on the link for "Order Details" to see your quote for printing.

    1. Simply buy your cubes and balls the way you would buy anything else on the Internet.  Find the item, enter the quantity you want in the shopping cart, go to Check Out, enter your Billing Address and Shipping Address.

    2. There is no Sales Tax.

    3. If you need a written quote only, enter the term “Quote Only,” where asked for a PO number and you will get a quote that you can take to your purchasing department good for ten days.

       Shipping is typically 3 days.



    Custom Items

         We are happy to provide quotes for custom parts or bespoke sets of blocks.  If you need a quote for custom parts, look for the link for "Custom Parts" at the bottom of the page and follow the directions.