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    Gallery: Wooden Blocks Hall o' Fame

    Wooden Blocks Hall o' Fame


    Wooden Blocks Hall o' Fame

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    Another variation on Walker's Bank.  We needed a place for statues of ourselves and the many people who have sent us designs over the years.  You could have your statue added here by sending us a picture of something good made out of blocks.  They don't have to be our blocks.  Your statue will look a lot like GI Joe unless we go ahead and buy a 3-D printer.  But we'll assign you a space in the parking lot.

       Note the road planks.  These used to be common in block sets, but there are so many cheap imported blocks around that few sets have roads any more. These sad little sets aren't good for much except stacking and making Stalinist Era apartment buildings.  Kids love roads and play with them a lot.  We have a wide range of 11/16 road planks, intersections, switches, and curves for the road builder.  These can also work for trains.  Be sure to consider our roads when assembling a set for younger children.  1/64th scale Matchbook size cars and planes are about the right size and oodles of them are available on eBay.