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    Blocks Projects

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        Obviously, we've felt unconstrained about using lots of shapes that come from Open Stock and not just those in our sets.  And just as obviously, these projects are more likely to be built by a 10 year old than a 3 year old. A small child will love to play with blocks, but they aren't going to build anything recognizable until they are about 5.  Blocks work like Legos only 71 times as big.  That's the point.  Children will play with blocks for a long, long time.  There is nothing unusual about a 13 year old building with blocks.

       However, we always feel a little ambivalent about showing projects to people since the great virtue of a set of blocks is that they are designed to vacuum creativity out of children instead of trying to stuff it into them like little mental sausages.  Maybe it's a mistake to show them what they "ought" to build.  But in the end, it can't do any harm to illustrate what can be done.  Creativity, like everything else, demands some spark.  So here are some building block projects.

        If you've made something cool, send us a picture and maybe we'll add it. 

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     UNit Blocks Kenworth Truck Wood Blocks Fortress Wooden Building Blocks Car Wash Blocks Tower


    Building Blocks Arc de Triomphe  wooden blocks aqueduct  Building Blocks Hall  Childrens Blocks Cathedral    

     Click on the pictures to enlarge.


      Wooden Blocks Courthouse    Unit Blocks Tanker Truck 


    Wooden Blocks:Mosque  Childrens Blocks Kiosk  Building Blocks Hospital Childrens Blocks Helicopter 


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     Toy Blocks Grant's Tomb Kids Blocks Grocery Store  Unit Blocks Space Taxi Childrens Blocks Truck


      Blocks Bridge  Bridge  Best Blocks Tower   Pyramid made of wooden blocks 


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      Blocks Tower Unit Blocks Mr. Truck