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    Pont du Gard


    childrens blocks aqueduct

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      The real thing is a famous Roman aqueduct over the Gordon River in France.  It was built in the first century by the Romans to feed the City of Nimes and is a world heritage site.  It is about 160 feet tall.  At its peak it is estimated to have carried almost 9,000,000 gallons of water a day.

      Ours has a lot fewer courses, but the general proportions are pretty good.  The biggest problem is modeling the hillside which we built to fit the construction and not the other way around.   I know: looks like a pile of blocks faded out a bit.  We tried coloring them a green color but they looked like a pile of blocks painted green - not like a hillside.   Ahh . . . that a real architect/engineer's life should be so easy! 

       We designed this in 2017 and it was built by Mark Deslauriers.  It's about 5 feet wide and almost 2 feet tall.