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    Rectangle Blocks Booster Sets.

    Rectangle Blocks Booster Sets

       These rectangle sets consist of various combinations of the basic rectangles found in all sets.  Our customers tend to start out with smaller sets about the time their child is 3-4 and then add to it over time.  These Rectangle Booster Sets allow you to enlarge the supply of the basic blocks that get used the most.  This can also be accomplished by using the individual blocks pages to buy exactly what you want, but the booster sets carry a discount and the individual blocks do not.  These are just right for the never ending quest to build the world's tallest tower.

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    Wooden Building Blocks Rectangle Set #4

    $115.49 $126.63
    This set consists of the most frequently used blocks and the ones that typically run out when building. This is a perfect addition to a smaller set purchased in earlier years. Okay. Boring

    Super Booster Set of construction blocks

    $136.36 $141.30
    These large blocks are standard widths lengths but 4.125 wide.