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    1.  Are your blocks really made in the USA?  ans.  Yes.  They are made of American and Canadian lumber right here in Indiana.  We buy from millworks supporting sustainable forestry.

    2. How soon do you ship?  ans. Typically, within 24 hours.  Some Open Stock orders may take a day or two longer.  We will notify you by email if there are any problems but we have ample stock to fill most orders.

    3. Who makes your blocks?  ans. We make our blocks.

    4. How soon will my blocks arrive?  ans.  For anything simple or direct, the longest shipping time is 5 days.  Most orders will arrive in three days or less. 

    5. Do you offer expedited shipping?  ans.  If you just have to have it right now - sure.  But blocks are heavy for their unit cost.  Expect to pay more for shipping than for the blocks if you want 1st or 2nd day air.

    6. Do you offer free returns?  ans.  We are not able to accept returns during the period of the Corona Virus.

    7. Can I get a free sample?  ans. Sure, but you must pay shipping costs.  In some instances it is not possible to make small numbers and samples are impossible. 

    8. How long have you been in business?  ans.  Off and on since 1943.  We bought the stock from a cousin and built our first web site in 1999.  We have 3-6 employees and this is the full time occupation for all of us. 

    9. Security?  ans.  Your sensitive information is lodged under SSL (https) and all communication is encrypted.  Payment processing is thorugh Paypal or Braintree whether you belong to PayPal or not and we do not see, store or have access to any of your CC information.

    10. Special Delivery Instructions.  ans.  You can add a note to your order.  However, we have no way of communicating with the delivery personnel so instructions like "Leave Parcels in the Carport," are not of any use.  You need to put a note on your door. 

    11. Signature required?  ans. No.  But if you live in an apartment or UPS is aware of local problems in your area, they may not leave packages without a person to sign.  They will leave a note.  They make 3 attempts to deliver.  If blocks are returned to us because you do not accept delivery we are not obliged to refund.

    12. Are your blocks guaranteed?   ans. Yes.  We guarantee our blocks for life and we will replace cracked, broken, or incorrectly made blocks at our expense including shipping.    However, we cannot be responsible for ordinary wear and tear, chipped edges and the like.  Minor sanding or rough spots are easily remedied with a piece of sandpaper. If you think we should replace a piece, send us a photo. We’re easy.