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    Custom Parts

    Custom Parts


      Need a particular piece(s) of wood?  1 or 100,000 this is the right place.  Just ask us.  But instead of calling on on your cell, please take the time to write an email showing the following (blocksinfo at

    1. Do you have a picture or drawing of the piece (helpful)?
    2. Can you tell us what it's for (not critical)?
    3. How many do you need?
    4. Out of a specific material?  Or if you want a recommendations: what is this part to be used for?
    5.  What sort of measurement tolerances do you have in mind? How precise does it have to be?
    6. Is a finish or printing required?
    7. When are these parts needed?
    8. If ongoing, how many of these are you likely to need per month?
    9. Or if you need help deciding, just tell us what you can!

      We'll respond to daytime emails very quickly!  Watch for our response!


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    flower craft kit

    8 round balls to glue together to make a flower