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       If you have questions or concerns that require a thoughtful answer, it is best to take a moment to collect your ideas and use the "Enquiry" space below.  That way we will both be able to reference what was said and we are able to give questions the amount of thought they require.  In our experience, many of the little problems that occur in fulfilling customer's expectations come from trying to use the telephone.  

       That said, we're happy to provide answers to simple questions over the phone if that's the only option.


       If you know what you want, quotes may be obtained by simply working through the ordering process and using the "Purchase Order" Option on the Payment Method page.  Instead of entering a Purchase Order Number, simply type "Quote Only".  Quotes are good for ten (10) days.  To get a quote for custom parts look for "Custom Parts" link at the bottom of the home page.


    Barclay Wood Toys and Blocks
    207 N Main St., PO 819
    Hebron, IN  46341
    (877) 606-4374 (Ph)
    (877) 249-3624 (fax)
    (219) 895-3772 (txt)