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    Building Block Sets (22 kits)

    Building Block Kits and Sets

        You will never regret buying fine children's blocks kits. These have been recommended by teachers for years as the best single educational toy available anywhere. Building Block Kits  and Sets teach certain mathematical principles by observation alone. They are a toy that draws creativity from a child as they try to build things, balance things, or simply engage in mental fantasy about what they are doing. Our blocks are large enough and heavy enough to be stable as a child builds and we have been making them for over twenty years.
       Customers start off with a small kit.  Then they add to the set on birthdays and holidays.  Aunt Maude wants to know what to buy for the holidays and you suggest a road kit or a fortress booster set.  By the time your child is 6 or 7 you'll have a nice set of blocks, "Just like the ones in school."  You can add individual pieces in any quantity, buy booster sets, and add another set to bolster what you have.  And you don't need batteries, earphones or a charger.  Your grandchildren will play with the blocks when they come over. They are indestructible. Our blocks are guaranteed for life.