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    BEGINNER Set A16

    $215.98 $234.98
    Our Most Popular Set

    BEGINNER Set B16

    $180.56 $194.44
    This is a type "B" Set. " Beginner A" Sets and "Beginner B" sets are the same size (Weight/Volume). The "B" sets are chunkier, have fewer small pieces and more big pieces. They lack the detail possible with the "A" sets, but are good in a setting where fewer shapes are helpful (for putting away) or where the age of the child (younger) suggests simpler designs. You can always add additional pieces later.

    Beginner Set W16

    $194.88 $210.46
    Designed for the Walker Block Book

    BEGINNER Set C16

    $352.17 $390.80
    Not ready for a Standard Set? Here's a tweeny Set a little smaller than a Base Set A16. Composed of a Beginner A16 plus an additional box of big blocks.

    Beginner Sets

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