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    Basic Block Sets (4 sets)


    Basic Blocks Sets

      Thirty Years ago our Base Set A was the smallest set of blocks we made - the "Basic Set."  It was designed for the child that likes to build things.  With the advent of cheap imported plastic toys, however, we have long since introduced smaller sets which can be found among the Beginner Sets and Small Sets.  Ultimately, however, the Base Set A or B (below) is probably the target toward which parents should work their way by the time a child is 6-7.  There is no necessity for buying all your blocks at once.  Kids play with a real blocks until they are 13.  Our customers tend to come back for birthdays and holidays for some years.

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    (BEGC) Big Beginner's Set of wooden blocks

    $406.39 $475.72
    Our biggest Beginner Set

    (BASA) The Basic Set of Wooden Blocks for older children

    $510.13 $614.57
    Our "Basic" Set of Blocks

    (BASB) The Basic Set of Wooden Blocks for older children

    $469.44 $559.73
    This is a chunkier version of the Base A16. It is the same size (weight/volume) but has more of the large pieces.

    (INT) A Set of Wooden Blocks for two children

    $916.45 $1086.38
    A nice set of blocks for a family with two or more kids.

    Basic Block Sets (4 sets)