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Links to Other Web Sites 

      Here are some of my favorite sites.   If you would like to see your site listed here, drop us a note.  You might bookmark this site if you want to come back.

Toy & Block Blogs:

http://www.thetoysnob.blogspot.com - The Toy Snob reviews some great toys and offers general advice on children's toys that are kid tested.

 http://www.ihatemymessageboard.com - I Hate My Message Board   Good stuff on toys. Tracy O'Conner & friends.



Educational Resources:

http://www.kindergartenworksheets.net  Kindergarten Worksheets - A pretty useful website if you have a kindergartner or pre-K child.  A collection of free worksheets that you can use for tutoring, extra work, or whatever intervention is needed for your youngster.

http://www.froebelweb.org  The Froebel Gallery - Our favorite.  Lots and lots of information about early childhood development, kindergarten history, and educational toys of proven effect and historical provenance.  If you are interested in kindergarten, be sure and visit here.

http://www.kconnect.com  the Kindergarten Connection - A network of educational resources and materials for kindergarten teachers.

http://www.bnkst.edu  the Bank Street School - a wonderful resource for teachers interested in integrating blocks into their curriculum.  

http://www.naeyc.org the National Association for the Education of Young Children, an educational organization publishing a variety of materials useful for kindergarten and pre-school teachers.  Also sells the best available book on using classic unit blocks.    

http://www.myseniorportal.com  My Senior Portal, a very useful site for information on a wide variety of senior interests.  Includes a monthly newsletter of information for seniors.



http://www.galvinandfils.com - Galvin and Fils, Inc. - Wholesale Blocks to the trade. A site for retailers and e-tailers to arrange drop-shipping at wholesale prices.


http://www.allcrossstitch.co.uk - All Cross Stitch Co.  - Cross stitch Patterns and Supply.  Explore huge variety of beautifully designed Cross stitch patterns. Also enjoy fast Cross stitch supplies and deliveries. Go for it!



http://www.gotobaby.com   Go To Baby - manufactures lots of merchandise like beautiful burp cloths, ultra soft blankets, thick 100% terry cotton robes, baby wicker baskets, gorgeous roll neck sweaters and more.

http://www.quiltsbycindy.com  Quilts by Cindy - Hand made quilts baby quilts and hangings from Colorado.  

http://www.purplealex.com - Purple Alex makes unique fabric hats for the best dressed girls you'll see.

http://www.organicstyleforkids.com  -  Organic style for Kids.  Great selection of organic cotton baby and kid products such as organic baby clothes, organic kids clothes, baby gifts, baby slings, nursingcovers, baby bedding and bath.  As well as, eco-friendly toys, eco-friendly jewelry and diaper bags.

Antique Toys and Parts:

http://www.classictintoy.com  - classic Tin Toys.  The first in toy restoration and parts.  Trains, robots, tread, tires, parts, and winding motors.

http://www.continentalhobby.com - Continental Hobby House (serving collectors since 1964) Toys, trains, coins, antiques & collectibles.

Gifts For Grown Ups:

http://www.seafoamwoodturning.com - Seafoam Woodworking Studio Artisan Crafted Gifts and One-of-a-Kind Art of turned wood.  Beautiful turned bowls, candle holders and other items. 

Toys and Kids:

http://woodtoyshop.com    -  Wood Toy Shop.  finely crafted wooden heirloom toys. We have wooden trains, rubber band race cars, puzzles and pull toys.

http://www.mainetoys.com - Maine Toys.  Traditional wooden toys, cars trucks, boats, doll furniture, rocking horses all handcrafted in Maine.

http://www.wildapples.com - Gunther Keil's workshop specializing in animals and arks.  An astonishing array of carved wooden animals.

http://www.ogunquitwoodentoy.com  Ogunquit Wood Toys - William Woods terrific site for handmade wooden toys. 

http://www.the-ride-on-toys-source.com  Ride On Toys - A wide variety of scooters, pedal cars, bicycles, go-carts, pocket bikes and battery operated ride-ons.



Woodworking Machinery & Supplies:

www.exfactory.com  Ex-Factory.com:  A wide range of factory surplus woodworking , sawmill, and handling equipment at bargain prices.