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FAQ's and Details Page 

How Fast do You Ship?  ans.  We maintain a large stock of all of the Kits and Open Stock.  Typically, we ship the same day you order (orders after 2:00 PM (CST) ship the next working day).  Blocks take less than five days to get anywhere in the continental US.  The average shipment will arrive in three days.  Order on Monday and it will arrive by Friday.  We will tell you in your receipt specifically when your blocks should arrive.  If they do not arrive within a day or so of our advisement, please call us right away. 

How do you ship?
  ans.  Almost always - UPS.  Outside the continental US, via the Postal Service. We may also ship very small domestic orders via USPS flat rate Priority Mail.  If the US Post Office does not deliver to your home, or if they do not put parcels or notifications in your Post Office Box unless the box number is included, be sure and let us know in advance.

How long does it take outside the US?  ans.  Shipping by USPS to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc. takes 5-10 days.  Shipping to other countries typically takes less than 10 days unless the parcel is opened and inspected by Customs.  You can often track such packages on your country's postal web site.
Ocharina Hall O'Fame
Do you send me tracking information?  ans.  Yes, if you give us an accurate, unblocked e-mail address.  Typically this will come from "Quantum View Notify" which is UPS's tracking service.  Be sure not to block email from this address. 

Will UPS deliver to my front door, back door, other side of the gate, under the mat, over the lintel, in the garage, if I'm not home, if I am home, if the dog is home?  Ans.  We cannot give instructions to the driver.  We can write instructions on the label, but it is often fruitless.  UPS drivers don't read the label (usually) for special instructions.  If special instructions are necessary, it's better to put a sign on your door.  In reasonable weather, UPS will usually leave parcels if you are not at home.  They may not do this, however, if you live in an apartment building.  They may also retain a parcel if they believe that leaving the parcel invites a theft, and they may be aware of local neighborhood problems that are unknown to us.  They make three attempts to deliver.  After that, they retain your parcel for some days before returning it to us. 

What if the address is wrong?  Ans.  Usually address changes are easy to accomplish, but they cost about $11 per parcel.  If it's our fault, we'll fix it for free.  If you sent us the incorrect information, it's your fault and you have to pay.  Console yourself with the knowledge that it's a lot cheaper than a round trip.

What kind of parcels? ans. We assemble shipments in cardboard cartons weighing less than 50 lbs.  We cannot gift wrap.  Most of the cartons for Block Kits will be exactly full.  If the carton is full, you can be sure that all of the blocks are there.  A list of pieces (no prices) is also in the box.  In many cases, offshore shipments using USPS will be shipped using flat rate boxes.  Sometimes we may use USPS for small continental shipments (e.g. craft cubes, books).

What if a lot of my blocks are missing?  ans.  One of your parcels may not have arrived (yet).  You may also have a smaller box stacked on a bigger box and failed to open the smaller box.  We may (heaven forbid) have shipped the wrong set of blocks.  Whatever.  Just call us and we'll straighten it out for you. 

What if only one parcel arrives?  Ans.  UPS does not make much effort to keep parcels together.  You may get multiple parcels on different days.  We want you to call us if there are problems, but give UPS a day or so to complete a large delivery.

Are your blocks guaranteed?  Ans.  Yes.  But we also sell blocks manufactured by others and guarantees for blocks from Uncle Goose and from Melissa and Doug are given by those manufacturers.  See the specifics on the "Policies" page (on the left).

Is there a price invoice in the box?  ans.  No.  Only a list of pieces. You will have received a receipt by e-mail if you provided an e-mail address.  If you are ordering for a school or organization, we subsequently send a commercial invoice by snail mail.  If you do not receive an invoice and need one for reimbursement, please let us know and we will gladly provide one by mail. 

What if a piece is broken or misshapen?  ans.  This is very rare, but just send us an e-mail and we will replace it.  If this is due to shipping damage, let us know so that we can make a claim.

How should we store the blocks?  ans.  We sell a block cart for small kits (up through a Beginner A).  If you purchase a larger kit, you will need a simple set of bookshelves.  This is the right storage for blocks.  Rolling boxes or bags are not very useful (and we have mixed feelings about block carts - including our own).  A couple of plastic boxes about the size of shoeboxes work well for small and round pieces.

How come your craft cubes and craft parts are untested?  Ans.  Our toy blocks are all tested, but craft parts are not toys.  Craft parts and cubes are free of foreign chemicals, but testing toys involves, in addition, an involved series of mechanical tests for size, shape, durability, and age (ASTM F963-xx).  Many cubes and balls are too small for children.  Testing these craft parts is impractical and they are sold for use by adults. Cubes smaller than 1" and balls smaller than 1-1/2 " are too small for children. 

Really Old Blocks
Can I include a gift card or message?  ans. Yes.  A space is provided on the address page during check out and we will provide a gift card for free..

Can you gift wrap?  ans.  No.  Most kits are already packed and gift wrapping will not survive on the outside of the parcel.

Can you ship outside the US?  ans.  Yes, and the shopping cart will calculate the price of shipping.  Just read the directions on the zip code page.

Can you give us expedited shipping?  ans.  Sure.  Just call us.  But blocks are heavy.  Expect to pay (roughly) five times as much for next day delivery, and three and a half times as much for second day.  We can tell you with considerable accuracy exactly when your blocks will arrive by UPS Ground shipping and this is very likely to be faster than you suppose. 

Do I have to pay VAT in Canada or elsewhere?  ans.  Maybe.  Typically, Canada does not try to collect VAT on gifts sent from the USA.  Other countries and provinces may vary. Your recipient will be more familiar with local policies than we are, but in any event we cannot collect or pay VAT for you.

What if my parcel is held by Customs? ans.  We have no control of this.  Usually, however, any Customs' hold is very brief.  All of our toys and other merchandise is derived from Kiln Dried materials and all organic life is killed by the high temperatures.  There is no possibility that our cubes or blocks harbor insect larvae or other vermin.