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    Tower Contest


       We are having a contest for the best tower over 3 feet, but not more than 7 feet tall made out of unit blocks (it is not required to use our blocks and you need not buy anything from us to win). We require three well-lit, well focused *.JPGs taken from different angles (left side, front side, and right side). This is a contest for children under the age of sixteen, but the towers can be made by children/adult teams. We will accept no more than one entry per child. We will also accept class and classroom entries (one per class only).  

        Towers will be judged by me on the degree of difficulty, originality (or verisimilitude) or by whatever other aesthetic criteria deemed appropriate at that moment. Probably the winner will have done something with the blocks that is especially unique.  There will be one winner only. Look at our Gallery to see what we like - particularly the towers by Paul Bostwick.

         The base of the tower may have a footprint no larger than 13-3/4 x 11 inches except for a carpet board.  No paint, glue, hardware or fasteners (e.g. nails) are allowed. String, cardboard or tape must be a structural part of the design - decoration only. The construction may not be made of craft cubes, but we will allow two or three of the parts to be custom parts.  Entrants may send us updates or modifications to replace an original entry.  We reserve the right to reject entries that are too derivative of those already shown. 

       All entries and designs become the property of Barclay Wood Toys and Blocks.  We will acknowledge entries by email, but pictures will not be returned. Suppliers, employees, ex-employees and their relatives are barred from entry. Entries must provide name, address and an email address of the contestant along with pictures of the entry.  We do not publish or share this identifying information without written permission and it will not be kept or used for advertising purposes after the contest.

        The contest ends on November 15th at midnight. Winners will be declared, online, immediately thereafter and shown for two weeks. No other notice will be given. The winner will be notified directly.  The prize will be in cash (USD) paid by check or PayPal to the address provided.

        Entries may be conveyed by electronic means or by snailmail to the following address:


    Tower Contest
    Barclay Wood Toys and Blocks, Inc.
    207 N Main St., PO 819
    [email protected]