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American Hard Maple - The Real Deal
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Fair warning.  There is a lot of variation in a set of wooden blocks.  A tree is a complicated living thing with all kinds of variations within a single tree.  When you look at one or two samples, they may not represent this variation well and can give a false impression of the character of an actual set.  We are not fans of sample sets and wish our customers would not buy them.  But we must admit that some  are very nervous about a purchase on-line and need the reassurance of holding something in hand.  The wooden hand in the picture is not included; the hand is the same size as a human hand to give you a sense of scale.  Our sample set consists of three blocks: Hard Maple Firsts, Hard maple Seconds, and Imported Rubberwood.

Sample Set - 3 Blocks 

"When you have a finicky customer like Louis
the Fat, you want the best.   Flying Buttresses
from BB's are the Bomb!"
- Abbe' Suger 
Sample Set
(3 blocks)
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Sample Set
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