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    Wholesale Blocks

    Wholesale Blocks

          We do not sell our own specific block sets at wholesale. This is a factory and our margins are very small, not allowing for others to make an additional profit.  Accordingly, they are not available anywhere except on our website. 

          However, we do manufacture blocks branded for others, and we are prepared to make custom sets for your store or internet operation at wholesale prices, branded with your name, and made up of a unique collection according to your wants.  If your store or website is a significant source of toys or products for young children, contact us about creating an exclusive bespoke set, and we will be happy to review your request. 

       We are also happy to consider drop shipping arrangements for stores.

       Similarly, if you are a retailer of wood products or special pieces to an ongoing market, feel free to consult us about manufacturing for you.  We will also prototype pieces for you on a cost plus basis.  Refer to our blurb on custom parts.