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Our Weekly Specials

American Hard Maple Blocks - "the real deal"

See our Open Stock Pages to customize your set Blocks on Sale

BAB B12  
The BAB Sets are about twice as large as the INF sets and provide a good deal more elbow room for creativity.  The Type "B" kits are chunkier and have more of the large pieces than the Type "A" Kits.  These are still intended for very young children, but allow building some simple layouts and box buildings. The INF sets above are fine for a first set of blocks, but if a young child is already playing with some blocks and clearly enjoys them, than the BAB sets may be a better choice.  

BABKIT - Version B12
(41 pieces - 15 shapes)

children's blocks
Weekly Special
Premium Maple (USA)
List - $86.05
10% off Sale $77.45
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"Stop babbling about a Ziggurat! 
Let's build a a little summer place
near the Hoteps in Gizeh!"  - Mrs. Khufu 


list of block pieces
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(See other Small Kits  Blocks on Sale )



Beginner B12
The Beginner A & B wooden block sets are for youngsters in the range from 4-5.  They are the same size (weight/volume) but the Beginner A is more detailed and has fewer large pieces while the B set has fewer pieces but more big ones.  This is the "B" kit.

Beginner Set - Version B12
(85 pieces - 19 shapes) 
children's blocks
Weekly Special
Premium Maple (USA)
Reg $205.03
15% off Sale $174.28
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"When you really need to nail up
a lot of theses, nothing works
better than cathedral doors from
BB's." - Martin Luther


list of block pieces
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(See other Beginner Kits  Blocks on Sale  )



Take a deep breath!

This is merely one page of 165 pages including 13 pages with sets of unit blocks. Don't buy something just because it's on sale.  We have smaller sets, bigger sets, cheaper sets, alphabet blocks, booster sets, sets for schools and 97 individual shapes for sale in Open Stock. This is the "specials" page.

Base Kits 12
The Base Kit B is one of our best selling kits for children in first grade and beyond.  By this time, your builder needs about 200 blocks to satisfy a growing ambition.  The beginner kits in the medium kits are large enough for a 5 year old, but a 6 or 7 year old has bigger plans and wants to make buildings that look like something, or build towers that require a chair to reach the top.  The Base Kit A should do the trick.

"Barclay Blocks has the right
stuff to make your Bauhaus a
Wow House!" - Walter Gropius 

list of block pieces
(Compare Sets)

Basic Kit Version A12
 (216 Pieces - 31 Shapes)
 Our best selling kit for 6 year olds. 

children's blocks
Weekly Special
Maple First & Seconds (USA)
Reg - $492.86
30% off Sale  $345.01
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  (See other Standard Kits  Blocks on Sale )


An Imported Rubberwood

Economy Block Set
This is an imported Rubberwood economy block set.  We get these blocks from Thailand and they are so cheap, you couldn't buy the lumber for a set like this made out of American Maple.  The workmanship is okay and they are the correct size for American School sized blocks.  If you want more, but two sets.  At this price, you can't go wrong.

"бинго!  Make a quaint little village
on the Dnieper one day; make
a new one downstream the next!
 - Grigori Potemkin

Rubberwood Kit #5

Rubberwood Set #511
(150 pieces - 13 shapes)

children's blocks
Sale Special
Rubberwood (Thailand)

 Regular - $216.02
25% off Sale $162.02
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See our Open Stock to add specific pieces to a set you already own  Blocks on Sale

Arches Kit
(31 Pieces)

Kids love arches.  This set includes some monster sized arches as well as plenty of roman arches to make aqueducts and round arches for making bridges and buildings. This is easily our best selling Booster kit. You can make all kinds of things with Arches and the large ones are a great favorite with all children.

"Barclay Blocks has the right stuff to make
your Bauhaus a Wow House!"
 - Walter Gropius

Arches Booster Kit
list of block pieces
(View Kit)

Arches Kit
(31 Pieces)

Weekly Special
Maple Firsts
Reg $126.75
15% off Sale $107.74
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  (See other Booster Kits  Blocks on Sale )