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    Standard Block Sets

      These standard sets of wooden blocks will work for kids from age 6 up. The Base Set A is the target set for kids who really like to play with blocks - this is the set you want eventually.  This is the set you need to build a lot of stuff when you're old enough to move beyond towers and roads.  The Base Set A is our most popular set in terms of dollars.  It is a detailed set for one child, but if two or three kids are in-play, our Intermediate Set will provide the additional blocks needed to make for week long projects.  These big sets are composed of basic blocks, but there are numerous other shapes available in Open Stock. It's always possible to augment a set using Open Stock or Booster Sets.  It's mostly a matter of budget.  Buy what you can afford and add more of our maple blocks later or answer that auntie who calls and asks what to by for Christmas or Hanukah.  All of our unit blocks adhere to the standard for school size blocks and the individual blocks remain the same as the sets get bigger.  If you buy a smaller set you are completely free to add blocks to it later as your child's needs expand.  Our Open Stock pages will allow you to add individual blocks and our Booster Sets will allow you to add a bunch of wooden building blocks to expand an existing set. The Intermediate Set is large enough for a small classroom, preschool, day care, or situation where three or four children play at the same time.

       These large sets are way, way too heavy for boxes or carts unless your child is old enough for college football.  They require a small bookcase for storage.

       The "A" type sets are more detailed and contain more small pieces; the "B" Sets are chunkier and contain more large pieces.  They are the same size (Weight/Volume).

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    (BEGC) Big Beginner's Set of wooden blocks

    €291.19 €340.87
    Our biggest Beginner Set

    (BASA) The Basic Set of Wooden Blocks for older children

    €365.52 €440.36
    Our "Basic" Set of Blocks

    (BASB) The Basic Set of Wooden Blocks for older children

    €338.48 €403.57
    This is a chunkier version of the Base A16. It is the same size (weight/volume) but has more of the large pieces.

    (INT) A Set of Wooden Blocks for two children

    €660.78 €783.30
    A nice set of blocks for a family with two or more kids.

    Standard Block Sets