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    Shipping Outside the US

      We pride ourselves on making big, hard, heavy blocks.  The downside is that they are big, hard, heavy blocks.  International shipping typically runs about $30.00 per parcel plus about $2.50 per pound.  We believe that a lot of this charge consists of upfront charges for VAT and various brokerage fees, but it runs about the same amount as the blocks themselves.  We like to think of this as, "Our blocks are cheaper  than the cost of shipping," but you may be looking through the other end of the telescope. 

      Shipping is based on solely on International Flat Rate Shipping costs as set by the postal service.  Delivery is typically less than 10 days, but may be longer.  We ship our toy blocks as "Gifts," but we ship cubes and craft parts as general merchandise.  We will accept returns of unused blocks in like new condition from addresses outside the US, but we will not refund shipping costs either from us to you or from you to us. We will refund amounts for broken or damaged blocks as evidenced by clear sharp photographs.  However, damages to blocks during shipping are the responsibility of the shipping authorities and may require you to (1) to show that the parcel was damaged when it arrived, and (2) to save the shipping materials pending an investigation.  We will not refund amounts for which the shipping authority is responsible though we will do everything possible to expedite your claim.  With the Postal Services, it is your responsibility to make damage claims or claims for merchandise that does not arrive.  If you wish us to purchase insurance we will do so at an extra expense. 

      That said, our blocks are very nice indeed and you will love having them.  All this fretting about shipping costs will go away after you've had the blocks for 20 or 30 years.