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    (Freeish) Scrap 20 lb.

         Scrap is clean, partly unsanded scrap and is made up of cut-offs, bad blocks and remainders from the regular manufacture of blocks. There may be some knots, inclusions or defects, but it is all unfinished hardwood and has no chemicals or coatings.It is not intended for use as toys. The scrap comes right off the line and is made up of whatever we are cutting at the time. It often has the same profile as our regular blocks, planks, and dowels - but may be of uncertain length or shape. A box of scrap can be a lot of fun in the right hands, is completely unique, and is cheap. The picture of scrap is a picture of a bag we opened, though your batch will look different.  Scrap is free, but getting us to pack it up in a bag and provide a box is $2.95.  After that, you still have to pay for shipping which hovers around $1.00 per pound.  We rarely have enough of it for everyone and may be out-of-stock from time to time, particularly when we are making things other than blocks.  If you want it, best to buy it while the getting is good. 

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    (Freeish) Scrap (20 lb.)

    Scrap Material for Blocks