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      We cheerfully provide Quotes and accept Purchase Orders from Schools, Government Agencies, Museums or other established business or government organizations.  The procedure for obtaining a quote and ordering using a Purchase Order is exactly the same as any other purchase except that instead of giving us a credit card number, you click on the quote button that says:  "I will Pay by Purchase Order or by Check" on the address page. (The picture (below) is what it looks like on that page.)

Pay by

    This will provide you with a pro-forma invoice (quote) showing the price and shipping costs.  You can take this to the purchasing department to arrange your order by fax or email.  We cannot accept PO numbers only; we must have a signed, hard copy of the PO sent to us by fax or email.  Simply print the quote, use it to construct a PO, and include it with your order. 

      You are welcome to fax us a Purchase order ex cearulo.  However, it should contain the following information:   

1. The correct shipping amount as calculated by the shopping cart on our web site.
2. An e-mail address on the PO for acknowledgement and tracking information (no email; no acknowledgement).

Please call us if you require a copy of our W-9

Our Fax (877) 249-3624

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