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Kid Geniuses Recommend

  We manufacture and sell classic, school size wooden unit blocks for children made of premium American Hard Maple in 54 different Blocks Sets and Booster Sets.  We also sell Open Stock in 124 individual shapes.  Purchasing from Open Stock, you can buy one piece or assemble you own idea of a good set.  Our children's blocks are just like those wooden blocks available when you were a child, made from sustainable American hardwoods right here in Indiana.  We also sell American alphabet blocks in 31 languages and variations, we sell craft cubes and parts for hobbyists, school teachers, and STEM teachers (PLTW) and we sell block stock for those who want to make their own. Finally, we carry a line of imported Rubberwood blocks for those seeking an economy product. 
Lily at 2
The Party of No!
Inf B Secs small

INF B in
Firsts and Seconds  
Premium Blocks and Firsts and Seconds

Trees are big organisms with numerous oddities and variations within the tree.  Some, like knots and splits have to be eliminated, but others: spots, streaks, dark areas and other color variations are harmless aesthetic differences caused in the distant past by enzymes, bacteria and plant viruses.  Almost 3/4 of most lumber would have to be eliminated if this material were thrown away because we didn't like the color.  It's not.  All commercially available blocks will have these variations; otherwise the price would be three or four times as great.  When we make blocks, we eliminate all of the surface flaws, cracks, inclusions, or other damaged areas and sand the blocks to remove sharp edges and points.  Then we inspect them and remove a few more that have nicks or are mis-sized or have problems we just didn't notice the first time around.  The finished blocks that remain are referred to as "Firsts and Seconds".  Then, for customers that want to pay a little more, we hand select a subset with the most even color available - all Firsts - and we use these to assemble our Premium Sets.  The rest of our sets are "Firsts and Seconds," and these are perfectly fine blocks but may show some of these cosmetic flaws of color.  Enlarge the pictures to compare. 
Inf B Premium

INF B in
Fortress Weekly Sale Specials    

Every week or so we randomly put one or two of our sets of blocks on special sale to give you a nice little discount. There is no pattern to this. We just look at what we have a lot of in-stock and try to bring the numbers in line with our expectations for the rest of the year. This is a nice bonus if you happen to be looking for what is on sale. 
Open Stock

Because we actually make our blocks, we aren't obliged to sell them in "Sets," though we do so for convenience.  Our Open Stock pages allow you to buy any shape in any quantity.  Nowhere else can you find this range and quality of block shapes.  Like fine china or silver flatware, Open Stock allows you to buy one or a few pieces, replacements, specialty pieces, or assemble a set of blocks without being forced to buy shapes and sizes that you don't want.  And the prices are almost exactly the same as you would pay if buying a set.  I'm reminded of the day before iTunes when you had to buy a CD with ten songs you didn't care about just to get one that you did.  If sets of blocks annoy you because they include shapes you don't want, here's a way to fix that problem.  On these pages we have listed for sale about 124 different shapes that we manufacture - many that are not included in our regular sets.
Pod Racer
finials booster Booster Sets

As children's play with a set of blocks evolves, they often develop special interests in specific themes such as playing with cars or soldiers.  We have numerous booster sets that cater to these special interests like our Road Set and Fortress Set.  Also, you may want to add basic rectangles to a set you already own.  The booster sets also include a number of rectangle kits that allow you to add a bunch of the basic rectangles and pump up a kit that has become too limited and requires more basic blocks.  These make a great gift in the second year or for a birthday in mid-year.   
Economy Blocks

The block sets we manufacture aren't for everyone.  If you are looking for low price, you can't beat these sets of economy blocks and other toys made of Rubberwood.  Toys from China, Thailand, and other Asian Basin countries combine American design with the economies of cheap labor and recycled lumber and materials.  At these prices, you can't go wrong. Rubberwood is derived from exhausted latex plantations and this material is then recycled into useful products.
Rubberwood #5 tiny
assorted wooden cubes Craft Cubes and Parts     

If you are looking for cubes for Minecraft, PLTW, photo blocks, or ihascupquake  - here's the place.   We have cubes in every size from 1/2" through 4".  We have craft balls, squares, rounds, and a variety of other pieces.  And if you need custom pieces just send us an inquiry specifying type, quantity and your schedule - we'll be glad to quote.  If you need to use a School or Company Purchase Order - just look at the menu, find the Purchase Order link, and read the directions.  Easy Peezy. 
Block Projects  

Here are some examples of things children can make with Building Blocks.  Kids merely stack blocks and make roads for some years, but about 7 years old they begin to build fancier structures and by 8 or 9 they can copy representations of real buildings.  If you have some pictures of things your children have made, we'd love to add them to our gallery.  These projects may require some pieces from open stock, but they are illustrative of the sorts of things that children can do starting around five or six years old. 
Arc de Triomphe
Free Scrap Free(ish) Scrap    

Boxes of Scrap. 15-20 lbs. The perfect thing for art teachers, crafters, or others able to use random cut-offs and scrap block pieces.  This is clean, unsorted scrap from manufacturing blocks and is the perfect thing for teachers or others engaged in free form creations.  The material takes paint well.  You pay handling and shipping. 
Making Your Own Children's Blocks    

Okay . . . so you've been cluttering up the basement with that Radial Arm Saw for years, and promising to make a Gazebo since the "Evil Empire" speech.  Fish or cut bait.  Here's how to make a set of unit blocks. Making building bricks and unit blocks calls for an orderly mind, but anyone who has worked with wood knows that children love cut-offs.  You can't go wrong making your own. No matter what you make, they're going to love.  Taking a step up, if you want to make blocks like ours - here's how to do it.  And if you want to do it quickly or if you lack tools like a planer, you can buy the molding directly from us on this page. Then, all you have to do is chop the molding and sand the ends. 
song at 7
Pictures of Block Buildings Lay-a-Way

If you would like to buy a nice set of blocks, it's easy to spread the payments out using our simple Lay-a-Way payment plans.  There is no fee, no penalty or restocking charge, and if you change your mind, we'll refund your money.  Here's a way to lock in summer prices for the holidays. 
Pictures of Famous Buildings

Here are some pictures of famous buildings for your builder to render in blocks (click left).  On these pages you will find numerous pictures that can be copied for school reports and architectural projects.  These pictures are in the public domain. 
Pictures of Famous Buildings

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