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Gift Certificates
Wooden Blocks

American Hard Maple Blocks - "the real deal"

Okay . . . the problem is that your grandchild wants blocks which his mother says are recommended by his teacher as the best toy there ever was, and . . . well, what the heck.  But you're old.  And a trifle weary.  And you have no earthly idea what to buy, there's lots of choices, and you'd rather take a nap anyway.  No matter what you get it's sure to be just a little oblique to what they want, you can't seem to get them to make a decision and they keep saying, "Well . . just buy what you think would be nice Grampy (or "Po-Pa", or "Grumpy" or whatever).  Whatever happened that you can't just buy the kid a nice pocket knife without everybody turning pale?  But anyway . . . here's how to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.  Buy a gift certificate.  You're done. 

 There's no small print.  There is no expiration, no fees, no declining balance, and we register and maintain all gift certificate amounts until they are resolved.  If they don't spend it fairly quickly, we'll send them a note.  If they change their minds we will send cash. The price of the blocks is the sale price at the time they buy and they can either pay extra for the shipping or have it deducted from the gift certificate amount.  If they don't spend the whole amount we'll send them the remainder. 
Age 3+

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