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    Very Large Block Sets (4 sets)

    These larger sets are aimed at parents with a play area and plenty of room, Pre-school, Day-Care and other places requiring a large set.

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    (INT) A Set of Wooden Blocks for two children

    €660.78 €783.30
    A nice set of blocks for a family with two or more kids.

    (ADV) Advanced Set A16

    €843.81 €1125.08
    Three nine year olds, a playroom, and about 72 inches of shelving.

    (FAM) Family Set

    €1047.85 €1397.13
    The name says it all.

    (SCH) School Set

    €1173.15 €1501.79
    A large set suitable for multiple children.

    Very Large Block Sets (4 sets)