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Maybe our kids are just peculiar, but at an early age they were fascinated with ants wandering around on the sidewalk, and Song was particularly careful not to step on them playing hopscotch or while using sidewalk chalk.  She would inspect what they were lugging around, noted the big ones and the little ones, and liked to build enclosures around them which were inevitably unavailing as the ants simply climbed up and over. This is a good toy for a rainy day.  It requires matching up the ant trails until you get to home base.   It has an open character vaguely like a simple version of a Rubik's Cube 
antic ants game

These are manufactured for us by Uncle Goose Blocks in Grand Rapids from the highest quality Linden and are a full 1-3/4 inches.  Alphabet Blocks are not made of Maple which is too hard to emboss (the raised letters on alphabet blocks are produced by embossing). The blocks are thoroughly tested after manufacture for safety and the absence of harmful chemicals by an American Laboratory certified by CPSC.  They conform to both American and European standards for safe toys.
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