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We hate Block Wagons and Rolling Boxes.  They never work right, you have to dump out the blocks to play with them, and children will not spend time putting the blocks away.  The carts always end up with broken wheels, holding up a flower pot or being a waste receptical for old toys.  Cubbies are the right form of storage for blocks.  These MDF Cubbies will never be fine furniture, but they are perfect for blocks and they are cheap. 
They come in 12" wide sections.  Add as many as you want.  Each cubby unit is 30" tall and has two adjustable shelves.  Units are white and one unit will hold the equivalent of a Toddler Kit or even a Beginner Kit "A" if packed tightly.  Use two cubbies for a bigger Beginner Kit, three or more for Base Kits and up.  Or buy one now and add more later.  These are cheap, simple and come with adjustable shelves.  They can be used separately.  If you're handy and have a drill, they can be bolted together to make a single unit.  These will get the job done at an unbeatable price.  Some assembly required. Made in the US and Canada.

Cubbies Large