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Wooden Blocks
Intermediate Kit A
Premium Maple 

American Hard Maple Blocks - "the real deal"

The Intermediate Kit is a great kit for children over the age of five.  It includes a full range of shapes including eight of the 22 inch rectangles.  There are enough pieces for making a couple of large buildings, roads, roofs, smokestacks, garages and towers.  It is big enough for two children to play without a lot of squabbling over the coveted blocks.   At this age, children like to translate a picture of something into a block replica and will also enjoy making towers that stretch to the ceiling.  They will also begin to make cantilevered structures and tall towers with small buildings balanced on top. Their vivid fantasy life at this stage may involve quite complicated stories complete with people, cars, and other toys, as well as construction projects with windows, doors, walkways, wheelchair ramps, etc.    Many of the smaller pieces become more fully integrated as decoration in battlements, fenestration, fancy entries, steps, and statuary.   Children vary in their interest in these things, but many of them become blockaholics, and will spend hours and days completing incredibly creative and complicated projects.  Additionally, this is a good set for cooperative play between five year old children and their younger siblings.     

Ages 3+

Wooden Blocks