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Wooden Blocks
Maple Firsts and Seconds 

American Hard Maple Blocks - "the real deal"

The INF Kits are our smallest kits, but at 3 children aren't really ready to build very sophisticated things.  At this age, children inspect the individual pieces,  ponder the shapes and fit them together, and like to show them to other people or bang them together.  What is important is for children to learn some of the names of the shapes, and eventually, to learn to stack one piece on top another (an important milestone). This set will be adequate until a child is about 18 months, but after that will need to be supplemented by more pieces.  It is satisfying to spend time with your children, showing them what to do with the blocks, and enjoying their progress in coordination.  If there are particular shapes that you would like to add, you can find these on the "Open Stock" page.  Our blocks are completely unfinished. They are too large to pose a choking hazard and are laboratory tested to satisfy the CPSC rules for children over the age of three. The blocks are sanded maple, and children can gum them without fear of chemical finishes or oils. Germs are another matter. Parents will be wise to keep them away from dogs as they enjoy chewing them. They may be cleaned with a damp sponge or sanded with a fine sandpaper, but they shouldn't be allowed to soak as they will absorb water.     

Ages 3+

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