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Rectangle Kit #3
Premium Maple

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Toy Blocks Booster Rectangle 3 kit

    This booster kit is the broadest booster kit and one of the most useful. While it doesn't have any of the 22" pieces, this kit is a good addition to any kit that suffers from being too small.  It adds multiples of the most basic and commonly used pieces.  In our experience, children are very fond of the 22 inch pieces, but there isn't too much you can build with them, and it's better to have lots of the regular blocks.   

   Our Premium Blocks have been selected for their tan, uniform Color.  Maple Firsts and Seconds may have streaks and spots caused by natural enzymes.  There is no other difference.


Size Type Picture Number
columns   end/front  
1-3/8 by 2-3/4 by 11 double unit rectangle wooden blocks toy blocks 6
1-3/8 by 2-3/4 by 5-1/2 unit rectangle wooden blocks toy blocks 18
1-3/8 by 2-3/4 by 2-3/4 half unit rectangle wooden blocks children's blocks 12
Total 36 Pieces

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