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 Booster Kit

American Hard Maple Blocks - "the real deal"

Another popular kit, the fortress kit seems to conjure up the common sense of what blocks are for among the bellicose.  A set of GI Joes and a fortress kit allows for a certain amount of gore and mayhem - but the more peaceful can always imprison a maiden or some such, hold a king for ransom, or discourage gnomes and dragons.  But you can't do any of this stuff without battlements.  These are the sine qua non.  You can't imprison maidens without battlements.  It just isn't done.

Ages 3+


Size Type Picture Number
Triangles   end/front  
     11/16 by 1-3/8 by 11      long battlement     wooden blocks  toy blocks 4
     11/16 by 1-3/8 by 5-1/2      unit battlement     toy blocks  toy blocks 4
     11/16 by 1-3/8 by 2-3/4      half unit battlement     toy blocks  toy blocks 4
     1-3/8 by 3-3/4 by 3-3/4      Cap Battlement     toy blocks  toy blocks 4
     1-3/4 by 3      medium finial      toy blocks 4
Total 20 Pieces